Buried sinkholes are the potentially hazardous factor of geological conditions because the old sinkhole's formation can be animated by man–made activities typical for an engineering. In addition, the appearance of new sinkhole near a buried one is very likely. Morphological identification of buried sinkholes is not difficult as a rule but the delineation of their boundaries is a serious technical problem. Having all necessary information from borehole drillings and geophysical investigations we must look for the structural elements problematically identified as buried sinkholes. The paper has the description of structural analysis useful for it. The results of practical usage of the prospecting, identification, and delineation of buried sinkholes during site investigations or based on a site-investigation's data in different karst regions of Russia are illustrated on the concrete examples. This approach can be successful for solving some engineering problems as an estimation of sinkhole danger, planning, and antikarst protection.

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