On relatively wide area of extremely karstic spring basins (Radobolja, Borak and Studenac), in Herzegovina, west from the river Neretva, detailed research were performed with purpose of preservation and protection of groundwater. Research of geomorphological, geological and hydro–geological characteristic were performed using methodology of detailed photo-geological analysis of terrain aero-plans and direct measurements on field. Purpose of these investigation works is to reconstruct karstification line in the ground and to define groundwater accumulations and approximate locations of primary ground water flows, everything based on statistical analysis of registered geological and geomorphological phenomenon on the filed. Based on analysis of all gathered information, conclusion can be made that on intensity and course of karstification, except structural and tectonic relations, significant influence have size and slope of rock layers. I.e., in the area of large synclinal formations, groundwater accumulation and formation of water flows can be expected and in the area of anticline top, hydro–geological watershed is predicted.

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