In the management and usage of groundwater resource, we need to work on an accurate grasp of the current situation and to make a future vision in the region where groundwater exploitation is active. The examined region is surrounded by mountains formed by a bowl shaped depression in the Paleozoic strata and Granite. In the past research, we performed pumping simulation analysis for the pumping wells of waterworks in order to consider the influence on the groundwater level by pumping quantitatively. As a result, the fluctuation of water level by many pumping wells was able to be estimated by the simulation analysis. However, in some wells, the tendency for a groundwater level decreasing was not able to be estimated by the analysis, despite of having fixed or stopped the pump discharge. If a pumping well continues to pump groundwater for a long time, various groundwater obstacles like the fall of the groundwater level or required amount of water can not be acquired and others will surface. In this research, we examined quantitatively the characteristics of water-decline-level of an aging of well by improving a past model and performing pumping simulation analysis.

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