Utilization of geotechnical structures has been considerably increased for purpose of living spaces, transportation and industrial facilities. Recently, it has issued up to safely utilize and maintain the geotechnical structures such as tunnels and slopes, etc. For these, it is very important to monitor the damage of geotechnical structures in real time and to estimate the potential of the structural failure. Acoustic emission (AE) and microseismic(MS) activities are low-energy seismic events associated with a sudden inelastic deformation of rock such as the movement of existing fractures, the generation of new cracks or the propagation of cracks. These events rapidly increase before major failure level and radiate detectable seismic waves. Thanks to this advantage, AE and MS monitoring technique has been recently adopted in civil engineering.

An integrated system for AE and MS monitoring was developed by KIGAM. This system consists of sensor for seismic events, signal conditioner, operation software and acquisition system of signal data. This self-developed system was applied to the rock slope and deep tunnel. In the application of rock slope, AE system with waveguides was used. In case of the deep tunnel, MS system was applied in the consideration of a deep long tunnel. This monitoring system is being applied to the rock slope and tunnel site to verify and optimize the reliability and actually to evaluate the geotechnical stability.

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