Geso GmbH Jena has now been operating successfully for more than 20 years in the sector of fibre optical temperature and strain measurement and works in a wide field of applications. Especially in the last years the fields of mining, exploration and production in the oil and gas as well as the geothermal industry became more important. In the following some application samples will be given.


Smouldering fire detection and belt conveyor system monitoring in coal mining Temperature Measurement System for different tasks:

  • Leakage detection on pipelines

  • Temperature monitoring during the freezing process in tunnelling and freezing shaft

  • Monitoring of the sol process at oil- and gas caverns

  • Monitoring of the cementation process in wells

  • Measurement of fluid influx in wells to detect sources

  • Observation and monitoring of dams and dikes (hydro dams and hydro stations)

    Strain measurement:

  • Observation of civil engineering structures concerning statically integrity (bridges, tunnels, wind power stations, mining)

By the development of new and more efficient measurement instruments and techniques as well as the advancement of the fibre technique new application areas of application the fibre optical measurement technique are emerging. The mining industry already uses this technique successfully in the field of production assurance and to improve work and plant safety. In tunnelling and the exploitation of new deposits by using the soil freezing method the very exact temperature monitoring can be implemented which results in an efficient energy management and so in a clear improvement of the cost effectiveness of those projects. The application in wells of the oil & gas industry or in geothermal projects, for example, to observe the cementation process assures an undisturbed operation. The exact location of fluid or gas influx and their origin contributes to the improvement of the well completion and of production efficiency.

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