The anchoring method has spread quickly in Japan during the past 30 years, and many anchors have been installed in dams.' Dam sites include a variety of anchored objects such as the dam-body, the rock foundation, the gate fixing part, and the slopes around the reservoir. These dam use anchors are all types of rock anchors, and, except the slope stability anchor, are used to reinforce structures.

Generally, a dam anchor is large, and plays a very important role as a structural system supporting the safety of the dam. In this paper, we classified these as structure reinforcement anchors, and clarified their roles. Furthermore, we listed the design required performances and introduced the dam anchor design policy established by research conducted by the Japan Dam Engineering Center.

Based on the required performance, we described the tensile load control range and the durability measures for anchor systems, and added the bond type anchor which makes an important contribution to the stability and durability of the structure. Finally, we proposed a technical judgment method used to calculate the number of anchors required when renewing existing anchors. Above all, the content of this paper includes various subjects concerning the design of rock anchors.

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