Shear slip at a fracture is a critical issue for many applications of geological engineering, such as the design of an underground repository for nuclear waste, the enhanced geothermal systems (EGS), and the geosequestration of CO2. This paper presents the new development of the TOUGH-UDEC simulator for the coupled thermal-hydraulic-mechanical analysis in fractured porous media. This paper introduces the methodology about linking TOUGH2 and UDEC for the coupled thermal-hydraulic-mechanical (THM) analysis of multiphase fluid flow, heat transfer, and deformation in fractured porous media. TOUGH2 is widely used for modeling heat transfer and multiphase, multicomponent fluid flow, and UDEC is a well-known discrete element code for rock mechanics. These two codes are executed sequentially and linked through external coupling modules which serve to pass relevant information between two codes. For the coupled THM analysis, pore pressure and temperature information calculated by TOUGH2 are updated to UDEC, and stress information calculated by UDEC is updated to TOUGH2 changed to porosity and permeability. Verification examples are presented to demonstrate the capabilities of the coupled TOUGH-UDEC simulator.

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