In Korea, slopes with length of more than 200m and cut height of more than 50m have designated as Large-scale Slope for special control. Slope assessment consists of 12 factors which are tension crack, ground deformation, structure deformation, volume of failure, strike of discontinuity, dip of discontinuity, discontinuity condition, slope angle, rainfall (groundwater), excavation condition, drainage condition, reinforcement (protection) method condition. But several factors are difficult to recognize in some slopes. In this study, the correlation of evaluation factors and safety rating for 104 Large-scale Slopes along a national road was analyzed. As the result, it is shown that evaluation factors of slope angle, rainfall (groundwater) have a low correlation with safety rating. And we have proposed regression model to predict safety rating using multiple regression analysis for 3 cases. The Case 1 is analysis except for 2 factors of slope angle and rainfall (groundwater) showing a low correlation with safety rating of 12 factors. The Case 2 is analysis except for excavation condition of variables applied in the case 1. The Case 3 is analysis except for 3 factors of structure deformation, drainage condition, reinforcement (protection) method condition of variables applied in the case 1. The regression model suggested by multiple regression analysis shows a high predictive value in each case. It would be possible to apply ifthe evaluation factors are not clear in the field.

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