Pit slope design should be concerned toward economic and technical factors, so output design will be optimum. Determination technical factor must be supported by geotechnical study, so that deep understanding about geotechnical concept is required. In some cases, determination overall slope optimum based on some literatures in which mentioned that the factor of safety value is in the specific value. Determination factor of safety is controlled by internal and external factors.

This study illustrates and concerning on the slope stability, thus provides an understanding of safety value determination factor. The outcome is expected to provide deep understanding in the use of safety value factor, which must be supported by slope stability factors, in this case is the material properties. The slope optimization is done by determine the safety value factor at a certain rate by applying rock properties approach such as cohesion, density and friction angle. The calculation method using Monte Carlo statistical, which applied three above components that takes into account as a calculating basis. This statistical approach is to determine the failure probability with the results of risk failure percentage, which will be accepted. In fact, the failure probability of 0% is not fixated on the same factor of safety value. On this basis, determination factor of safety is developed based on the material characteristics that exist in certain location.

Generally, determination of overall optimum slope on certain numbers shows the smaller the value, the greater factor of safety overall slope, in which the impact is the increased resources of the economic value due to declining ratio striping. By this approach, the optimum factor of safety value can be determined based on the slope constituent material properties to obtain the slope stability optimum value. Some literatures states that the overall optimum slope value at 1.2 could be true, but the possibility is less precision. The results of this study provide information how to determine the safety value factor, which impact the resource improvement.

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