Reserachers have been trying to find the economical ways to solve steel corrosion problem for long years. Although noncorrosive and high strength composite rock bolts have been produced since 80's, steel is still the most widely used rock bolt material due to its cheaper prices. In this study, polyurea type thin spray-on liner (TSL) material was assessed as a new material to prevent rock bolt corrosion. Polyurea is an elastomer polymerizes fast, and adheres on steel surfaces well. A copper mine in Turkey was chosen as the case study area to perform field study under acidic underground water conditions. Rebar and split set types of rock bolts were easily coated with polymer spraying. Long and short terms pull-out tests were separately performed on polyurea coated and uncoated rock bolts to examine the effect of the surface treatment method on rock bolt corrosion and load bearing capacity. It was observed from the field study that polyurea type TSL prevented steel corrosion economically while bolt load bearing capacity was being increased significantly.

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