The main aim of this study is to achieve a good correlation between numerical prediction of the behavior of shotcrete and actual behavior. In the first stage of our study, we conducted model tests to reproduce actual behavior to be used as the basis for new numerical models for primary support members. The model tests were the biaxial loading test with artificial ground modeled on soft rock, in which various parameters of primary support system were combined and used.In this paper, we describe the result of testing for the shotcrete model, develop and propose a new testing model material for shotcrete, using mixed clay and wood meal.The results were as follows:

  • the shotcrete model deformed gradually with increasing loading pressure,

  • the displacement increased at the same time as destruction,

  • the fracture surface of the shotcrete model extended in the axial direction and the shotcrete model collapsed to be wound it inword as a unit.

We could reproduce actual behavior by the model tests with new model material.

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