The paper presents a numerical procedure based on Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics (SPH) framework to analyze the fracture and fragmentation process of rock medium under dynamic stress wave followed by gas expansion. To analyze the dynamic fracture mechanism related to blast-induced borehole breakdown and crack propagation, a rectangular rock mass with/without rock joint containing a single centrally located source of explosive were numerically blasted in the proposed SPH framework. This paper uses modified Grady-Kipp continuum damage model to analyze dynamic fracture behavior of rock mass in tension due to blast loading. For shear failure, Drucker-Prager yield criterion with associative rule is employed in the constitutive model for plastic deformation. The damage pattern around the blasthole and the formation of tensile cracks near free surfaces were subsequently simulated using the developed numerical tool. It is found that the developed procedure has the potential to provide valuable information to understand the physical phenomena those occur in the failure process of rock mass under blast induced dynamic loads.

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