This paper deals with the evaluation of deformability of rock mass in Himalayas by conducting in-situ tests with different methods. The deformability tests conducted by using plate jacking test, plate loading test, Goodman jack test and laboratory test show the comparison among different measurements and scale effects on deformability of rock mass. Plate load test, flat jack test and Goodman jack test give values of modulus of deformation which are 2–3 times lower than large size plate jacking test. Hence, large size plate jacking test must be utilized to evaluate the modulus of deformation of rock mass due to jointing in Himalayan geology. The modulus of rock tested in the laboratory is 3 to 20 times higher than insitu value of rock mass. The difference is mainly dependent on jointing in the rock mass. The indirect methods based on rock mass classification systems can also be utilised effectively by comparing modulus of deformation of rock mass by in-situ testing.

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