Coal and non-coal surface mines of India, have made significant changes in their policy frame work for up-gradation of technology, enhancement of production capacity, training the manpower for ensuring better productivity and safety standards. These mines produce minerals to the specifications as set by the consumer industries, by adopting a very systematic mining method in keeping with various statutory guidelines under the Mines Act, environmental legislations etc. In order to optimize the cost of mined ore, most mines have drawn mine plans and procedures so as to produce quality, quantity with controllable pricing of the final product. These mines consume huge amount of electricity, HSD, lubricants so as to energize their heavy earth moving machineries (HEMM) and beneficiation plants. Much before the enactment of Energy Conservation Act 2001 of India, the Indian mines have established bench mark specific energy consumption level in most of their operations. However, with the enactment of Energy Conservation Act 2001, and Energy Conservation Amendment Act 2010, all these efforts have been further streamlined in line with various provisions of these Acts. An attempt has been made in this paper to present the various energy conservation efforts so as to have efficient energy consumption level in various surface mining operations of Indian mines.

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