Coal mining companies in Indonesia are obliged to perform reclamation effort to achieve sustainability post mining land use and as much as possible to restore after mined land to the initial condition. The main factor that normally affects the reclamation success is the loss of soil fertility due to soil erosion. Soil erosion causes the loss of top soil layer which has a very important role in plant growth because this layer contains the highest concentration of organic matters and microorganisms. Soil erosion is influenced by climate properties, soil properties, topographic properties, cropping management factor and human intervention in conservation practice factor. The aim of this research is to analyze effect of soil properties and slope to the soil erosion in Indonesia coal mining reclamation area using rainfall simulator. This research was conducted using three types of soil texture including clay, clay loam and silty clay loam; also conducted using three types of slope including 2°, 15°, and 30°. According to research result, the amount of soil loss increased with the increasing angle of slope and increasing of clay content.

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