For mining engineering research such as studies on blasting effects, it is require to monitor the slope's deformation continuously at locations as many as possible with a time on the degree of five years, which corresponds to the slope's deformation induced by blasting. Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) sensors have evolved as the most commonly deployed fiber optic sensors, which are gaining increasing attention in the field of geotechnical engineering structural monitoring. These are proven to be more versatile due to their distinct advantages such as long life, immunity to electromagnetic interference, realizing real-time monitoring and remote sensing. This work focuses on the development and testing a technique used to measure open pit slope's deformation induced by blasting. This paper discusses the application of a fiber optic sensing system based on the FBG sensors to determine the effects of blast-induced open-pit slope's deformation. The preliminary result of this study shows that, surface pull wire in control point with the use of FBGs deformation of the slope can be monitored.

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