The stability of underground structure made especially in jointed rock mass is utmost important to designer, engineers and operators. Rock bolting is generally being practiced to reinforced excavation walls and roof by minimizing the movement of rock joints. In this study, a numerical procedure has been developed in extended finite element framework (XFEM) to analyze the behaviour of grouted bolt intersected by a joint. A solid finite element intersected by a bolt and a joint along any arbitrary direction is termed as ‘doubly enriched’ element. Nodes of an doubly enriched element have additional degrees of freedom for determining displacements, stresses developed in the bolt rod as well as the displacements jump and traction along the joint. The paper also provides verifications of this procedure by solving two known examples,

  • direct shear test perform on a bolted joint sample-experimental verification, and

  • reinforcement of a joint located in the vicinity of a circular tunnel-analytical verification.

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