Upper Gotvand Dam in Khuzestan province, 30 km. north-west Shushtar city and 12 km. Gotvand city is Located and the last dam on the Karun River will be constructed.

The dam has 180 meters height, with clay core type. One of the executive activities of this dam is excavating and supporting surge shaft system. The aim of these excavations is balance between power plant and waterway system and also acts to prevent of water hammer. These shafts are located in the Bakhtiari Formation (Conglomerate rocks) and the Lhbary formation (conglomerate- silt Stone and clay stone with the thin sandstone layer and filling some kind of gypsum and clay). Project consists of four shafts with a diameter about 18 meters and about 60 meters height.

Because synchronization explosion (as blasting) and concreting, effect of waves and vibrations is inevitable on the necessity of concrete monitoring by seismograph systems. In this paper, data from seismograph machines around surge shaft and using existing standards, in relation to controlled explosions adjacent concrete structures based on the distance from center of blasting and charge per delay is derived.

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