Design of rock structures and analysis of rock mass behavior demands a proper understanding of the influence of loading rate on the mechanical properties of rock mass. Many researchers considered the effects of dynamic loads on rock specimens through laboratory tests and numerical methods. Nevertheless, generalizing the intact rock behavior to the rock mass is the most important issue. In this paper, the rock mass behavior in dynamic loads is studied whilestrain rates ranges from 10–5 to 1031/s. The generalized Hoek-Brown rock criterion is used to demonstrate the rock mass behavior in several loading rates and strain rates. The database was obtained from the literature,includes uniaxial and triaxial loading of rock samples. Uniaxial compressive strength and deformability modulus of the rock mass is illustrated under different strain rates and confining pressures. The variation of rock mass properties is analyzed under dynamic loading furthermore GSI, m, s and D parameters. It was concluded that uniaxial compressive strength of the rock mass increased by increasing strain rates and dynamic loads. Indynamic triaxial loading it was observed that an increase in confining pressure, increased rock mass strength. The deformability modulus is as increase as rock mass strength in uniaxial and triaxial conditions.

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