Some laboratory tests such as absorption, porosity, P-wave velocity and uniaxial compressive strength (UCS) were performed to examine the physical property changes of ilmenite by microorganism. Physical properteis was quantitavely compared according to culture period in the condition of abiotic oxidation without microorganism and biooxidation with microorganism. The average pH values by biooxidation was smaller than that by abiotic oxidation. Physical properties of absorption and porosity by biooxidation showed higher values than that by abiotic oxidation. The P-wave velocities were decreased with culture period comparing with the initial average P-wave velocity. Change range of P-wave velocity showed that the case of biooxidation was larger than the case of abiotic oxidation. The UCS was obviously decreased as a whole, reduction of about 38% of its initial value in the case of abiotic oxidation and reduction of about 65 % in the case of biooxidation. In conclusion, it is indicated that physical property changes of ilmenite is highly dependent on culture period and microorganism.

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