Considerable attention must be paid to protection and maintenance of engineering structures such as dams, due to their vital role in provision of the necessary water for drinking and agriculture, and mines for the supply of industrial materials. The various software designed for the study of static stability of such structures, up to now, are not featured to determine the required support for prevention of planar failure. In such software, the necessary reinforcement to avoid slope failure is selected through trial and error, and examination of different supports. Herein, the provided software package, entitled "Slope Stability Analysis" software, is the first package capable of direct determination of the necessary support for unstable zones, using the presented equations. To make verifications, the studies on the northern slope of Angoran mine showed that the values obtained from Slope Stability Analysis software are in very good agreement with numerical results of UDEC and 3DEC software.


Protection and maintenance of engineering structures are of considerable significance; herein, dams, due to their vital role in the provision of the necessary water for drinking and agriculture, and mines, owing to their supply of industrial materials, demand special care. The main goal for conducting stabilization on the dams is prevention from sliding soil and rock into the reservoir which affects the reservoir capacity. The main objective behind the stabilization of surface and underground mines is avoidance from slippage of soil and rock which leads to the undesirable mixture of minerals and waste materials and consequently, the loss of the initial extraction plan; moreover, prevention from possible injuries to the people and facilities is another purpose supporting the stabilization of mines [1]. Determination of a trench slope stability is possible through different methods. Herein, limit equilibrium methods can be applied to reach to a fast assessment of the stability condition of the zone. The leading advantages of these methods are their simplicity in application and the substantial experience gained through their long history, such that the reliability of limit equilibrium methods has increased throughout time [2–5]. However, none of them are featured to determine the demanded support for unstable regions tending to slide, directly. In other words, determination of the necessary support in such software is indirect and recursive. Slope Stability Analysis software package, which is coded using Delphi7 programming language, allows for obtaining a quick estimate about the static stability of the region against failure, particularly planar failure. Inclusion of all parameters contributing to planar failure such as sliding plane roughness, the underground water condition, and location and condition of tension cracks is another features of the designed package. This software contains the quality for precise determination of weight, area, normal and shear stresses exerted on the failure plane and exact properties of the tension crack, in planar failure analysis. Making use of the software results, it is possible to focus on the critical points and obtain more accurate results for them through numerical analyses and study of their behavior.

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