In this study, the sliding characteristics of the slope consisting of natural river sand under different rainfall intensities were revealed based on the model tests and MEMS sensors. The sensors were embedded at different locations in the slope for real-time monitoring of characteristics, such as acceleration, angular velocity, and angle under rainfall conditions. Evidently, with small rainfall intensity, the slope underwent creep deformation, and only the primary creep was observed, that is, taken the acceleration as an indicator, the change rate of the acceleration decreased with increasing time, and finally the slope turned to stability again and no slope sliding occurred; with the increase of the rainfall intensity, the change rate of the acceleration first decreased, then became stable for a short time, finally quickly increased, that is, the primary, secondary, and tertiary creeps were observed while the secondary creep stage was small, which induced the accumulated creep deformation of slope from quantitative to qualitative change (creep fracture), finally the overall slope sliding occurred. The greater the rainfall intensity, the shorter the time required for creep and slope sliding; with continually increase of the rainfall intensity, more times of slope sliding can be obtained under heavy rainfall. MEMS sensor can capture the motion characteristics of slope from creep deformation to sliding failure, which has certain application for landslide monitoring and early warning.

1. Introduction

Landslide, a common geological hazard, can be induced by rainfall, groundwater activity, earthquake, and artificial slope cutting, among which rainfall-induced landslides are widely distributed with the highest frequency and greatest harm [1]. With continuous rainfall, rainwater enters the soil to play a loading role and the pore water pressure also gradually increases. At the same time, the shear strength of the soil gradually decreases, which in turn can reduce the slope stability [2-5].

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