This paper- concerns a simple calculation using the known results of uniformly distributed load, of static bending problems of some cases of axisymmetrically loaded circular plates With mixed boundaries on the entire edge The use of a Fourier series Expansion to fit a mixed boundary condition results many coupled equations for finding the Fourier coefficients An effective method i e the coefficient comparison method presented In this paper depends on a known solution for uniformly loading.


Many circular plates are widely used as one of basic elements of various Industrial plate structures Including marine structures. Therefore, a number of researchers have dealt so far with the problems of bending, vibration and buckling of Circular plates having mixed boundary conditions Leissa and Clausen (967) studied -the case of a Uniformly loaded Circular plate having clamped and simply supported portions of Its boundary by using the point-matching method Conway and Farnham (1967) studied a uniformly loaded Circular plate which have Simply supported-clamped, simply supported-free or clamped- free combinations of edge condition. Stahl and Keer (1972) treated the case of a uniformly loaded Circular plate which have clamped-simply supported and Simply supported- free combinations In their study the -problem was reduced to a Fredholm Integral Equation of the second kind for an unknown auxiliary function. More recently, Hamada, Mizushima and Mifune (1987) treated by using an Iterative method the bending problem of a circular plate whose elastic restraint for the radial slope vanes along the edge Klattikomo and Sriswasdi (1988) treated a Uniformly loaded annular Circular plate which have simply supported-clamped combination of edge condition on the outer edge and free condition on the Inner edge. The bending problem of circular plates and annular circular plates under various types of loading art Important and have many applications In structural Engineering.

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