The carrying capacity of a cylindrical shell under pressure refers to the buckling load of the cylindrical shell, The buckling problem of a cylindrical shell failure in axisymmetry under axial compression may be transformed into the complex bending problem of a beam on elastic foundation by using the basic equation of oblate shell. The reason why the theoretical calculating value of classical stability theory is much higher than the actual critical pressure of the cylindrical shell may be explained by the conception of stress coefficient, Calculating values of the strength utilization ratio function are in good agreement with the experimental results of the cylindrical shells


-The wide disparity between the theoretical and the experimental results on the problem of buckling for cylindrical shells subjected to end compression is well known. Many scientists and investigators have done much research work on this problem. Many theoretical methods have been put forward to solve this problem (1, 2). Therefore the buckling problem of a cylindrical shell failure in axisymmetry under axial compression is a classical difficult problem, This problem is selected to be investigated in this paper.

I Axisymmetrical Deformation of a Cylindrical Shell

The coordinate system for a cylindrical shell failure in axisymmetric is selected as shown in fig 1. u, v, w referes to the displacement components in the longitudinal, circumferential, and radially Inward direction respectively, pl is lateral uniform pressure, p is axial uniform pressure.

4. Experimental Formula of the Stress Coefficient

Using experimental datum is important for designing the cylindrical shell, because there are larger differences between the actual carrying capacity of the cylindrical shell and the theoretic values. It is good method that we use the conception of the beam on elastic foundation and the function of strength utilization ratio to deal with the experimental datum.

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