Explosive welding is done by high velocity impact of one metal surface onto the other. Explosive welding finds several applications in many industries. Mechanism of explosive welding is discussed. Permissible range of welding parameters within which welding is possible, Is reported. Explosive welding of two pipes can be done by welding the pipes to a common internal/external sleeve using an internal/external explosive pack. The paper reports that: what are the suitable values of the explosive welding parameters and which configuration should be used for welding of pipes. Pipeline repair under deep water is also explored.


Explosive welding is essentially a high velocity impact-welding, the impact is created by detonation of an explosive charge. Explosive welding provides a surface-to-surface welding which is usually not possible by other welding processes. Explosive welding is used for: large-plate cladding﹗ 1), welding of tube to tube-plate of heat exchanger(2), production of duplex and triplex tubing(3), welding of pipes (4), manufacture of fibre-reinforced materials(5). Other applications include: but & lap welding(6), production of mono and bi- metallic arrays of rods(7), manufacture of multilayered foil cylinders(8), fabrication of honeycombed structures(9), rib reinforced panel(lO) and production of clad-materials for off-shore oil platforms [11]. Commercialisation of explosive welding is jn progress in many countries for various applications in many industries such as in chemical, aircraft, space, atomic energy, cryogenic and petroleum industries.

2.1 Mechanism

Schematic diagram of explosive welding, describing the configuration of flyer plate during the process of welding is shown in Fig.la. The flyer plate is usually kept inclined initially at an angle ex to the parent plate. Explosive is laid on the flyer plate with a buffer plate in-between to avoid damage to the flyer plate. Explosive is ignited from one end with an electric detonator.

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