In this paper the pile Interaction with the ice sheet rigidly frozen around the IS considered. The Ice sheet IS laved against the structure In the horizontal plane by various external load factors. The problem IS treated as dynamic plane stress problems. The explicit finite-difference method IS used In FORTRAN program SHELF-" to investigate the Ice-structure interaction. It IS proved that the dimensionless ICI strength parameters have great influence on the Ice farce value and on the Interaction process.


The Ice loads are known to be the last dangerous factor for the offshore structures operating In an Arctic regions. Many experimental investigation have been performed to determine the forces, which moving Ice sheets exert on rigid structural. But the results of these experiments are uncomparable as the value of maximal Ice force in different experiments under the same conditions (aspect ratio b/h, pile cross section e.t.c. I have very large deviation - 150 … 200%. This throw Indicates that there IS sale unknown factor and this factor has essential Influence can the Ice load magnitude. The purpose IS to explain why this deviation takes place and to determine those factors which have Influence in the Ice loads. It IS impossible to carry out such investigations by means either of the first or second ways. So we have chosen the mathematical simulation as the let had of investigation. This paper deals with developing a simulation of deformation and fracture of the ice caver around the structure when infinited ice flow saves In horizontal plane against the structure with vertical support and aspect ratio is high, i.e. a width of the structure is such larger then the ice thickness, so the plane stress condition can be used to investigate the stress distribution in an elastic around the structure.

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