The construction of dams of tidal power stations (TPS) in the Okhotsk Sea is supposed to be carried out in Penjinskaya Inlet and Tugursky Bay. Complicated wind and ice conditions are accompanied by favourable combination of tidal phenomena here. Constant north-east winds in Penjinskaya Inlet will contribute to accumulation of ice in the inner basin and co logging hydrounits installed into dam body of TPS. The ice situation in the dam cut-off region will become more complicated. It is possible to decrease the influence of ice in Penjinskaya Inlet but for this it is necessary to forsee the overflow of ice over the dam body from cut-off region to the free zone. Predominant north and north-west are characteristic of Tugursky Bay, contributing both to transit and accomulation of ice in winter. The construction of high blanc dam of TPS is therefore reasonable here. In this case the ice conditions in the dam cut-off basin must improve considerably. The wind compression of ice will practically disappear, the thickness of winter ice will decrease, the earlier clearing of ice in the cut-off region of Tugursky Bay will occur. By the example of the considered regions it is shown that hydrometeorological factors may cause essential influence on the choice of the dam type of TPS during the construction.


The tidal power plants will likely to be constructed in the Penjinskaya inlet and the Tugursky bay areas. The ice will influence the dams under construction. In the paper variety of ice conditions of sea basins are investigated and various types of construction sites are recommended. The search of alternative sources of energy led to the design and construction of tidal power plants (TPP) dams which are preferable in comparison with heat, hydraulic and atomic power plants in some areas of the globe.

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