Small wave power generators have been used more then 20 years for navigational buoy. Recently power demand increased over 2 times for navigation light on buoy, and so improvement studying were conducted by Ryokuseisha Corp. and others. Particularly power up of eletric generator was obtained, and bioclean prevented fouling to keep air out-put through many years. On the other hand, a new buoy of boat shaped (Normal bouy shape) was studied for wave power generation. This buoy is suitale not only navigational use but also telemetering and other use in high current and rough sea area.


Small wave power generators have been used for power supply of navigation buoy from 1965 by Marine Safety Board in Japan. Through 25 years practical use of 1000 units, it" s reliability was certified, but it" s improvement was requested about following points.

  1. Recently, power demand on the navigational buoy increased by changing of international regulation for navigational light on buoy from 5 watts to 10 watts in average electric consumption. Therefore power up of wave power generator is necessary.

  2. Since wave power buoy uses a long center pipe, oyster growing in the center pipe disturbs water action in the center pipe. It just be prevented without using poisonous paint.

  3. Since center pipe wave power buoy has a tendency to be inclined by high current in the sea, and also mooring in the high current sea is difficult by it" s high drag force, a new buoy shape with wave power generator was desired.


Wave power buoy consists of buoy, air turbine, electric generator, control unit, and storage battery. (2) Turbine and Generator. Alternative air flow is converted to the same direction flow by valve mechanism and impulse turbine drives electric generator.

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