This paper describes a structural system formed by hyperboloidal body of one sheet to be used as an offshore structures for natural resource development and ocean space utilization, how this system has useful and effective characteristics, and high potential. At first stage, the concept of how to use and applied fields at where this form can be used are mentioned. At the next stage, the validity for this concept is provided judging from fluid dynamics point of view.


Offshore structures by hyperboloidal bodies of one sheet (H. P. body) can be expected to apply effectively to ocean space utilizations and natural resource developments. This structural analysis based on the interaction problems between fluid and structure must attract attention of not only structural designers but also researchers in the applied mechanics field. This paper is mentioned in the order of the following: Concepts and fields, how to use and at where H.P. bodies can be used. Study has been conducted on the hydrodynamic forces acting on H.P. bodies to test the appropriateness of these engineering aspects. Wave load characteristics induced by variation of the form and variation of water depths, assuming that the H.P. body is rigid. The hydrodynamic load characteristics by earthquakes in the same conditions as above. Added mass analysis which depends on vibrational mode shapes, and natural frequency analysis on coupled vibration problems assuming that the H.P. body is elastic.


The following reasons can be pointed out in support of the concept. (1) Since H.P. forms widen toward the bottom and upper parts, they can ensure large interior space in the underwater portion and broad working decks in the air, and they can be used as structures with large scale span(Fig. 1).

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