Based on the CFD-CSD (Computational Fluid Dynamics-Computational Structure Dynamics) coupled model, the antiliquefaction effect of stone layers on liquefiable seabed is studied. Under the extreme waves, the dynamic response of the seabed around the wind turbine in the Xiangshui area of Jiangsu Province was simulated. By comparing the seabed response results of four tests with cover stones under the same wave conditions, it shows that the thickness and porosity of the cover stones are two important parameters of anti-liquefaction capacity.


The stability of composite bucket foundation of offshore wind turbine under wave action is very important for the development of offshore wind power technology (Zhang et al., 2016). Under the action of wave, the seabed liquefaction occurs due to periodic changes in pore water pressure and effective stress in the seabed. It is of great scientific significance and great engineering value to study the liquefaction and anti-liquefaction measures of the seabed soil under the action of waves for the stability of the offshore wind turbines, especially for the steady development of the offshore wind power foundation.

Based on the analytical method, experimental study and numerical simulation, the study of liquefaction and stability of seabed under wave action is mainly concentrated on three aspects:

  1. the pore water pressure in the time and space, the effective stress state and shear strength in the seabed are analyzed (Hsu and Jeng, 1994; Jeng, 1997; Jeng, 2013; Ye et al., 2018);

  2. the wave- structure-seabed interaction is investigated (Sumer, 2014; Ye et al., 2015; Zhang et al., 2016; Sui et al., 2017);

  3. in order to accurately analyze the liquefaction of seabed, a series of seabed liquefaction standards have been put forward (Ye, 2012), and a series of anti-liquefaction methods have been studied (Yang et al., 2004; Susana and Rafeal, 2006; Sumer et al., 2010; Zhang et al., 2014; Huang et al., 2015).

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