Optimization of design characteristics of ship for navigation in icy sea is being done by use of the mathematical models and automation of variant calculations. In order to reduce the task dimension in the optimization of the design characteristics could be used the balance equations, matches the characteristics of the ship. The balance equation of displacement does not describe the one or another seaworthiness property, studied usually to determine ship design particulars, and the correlation between displacement and the sum of displacement components has the probabilistic nature.


Given the focus on the development of the Arctic and freezing seas it is of great importance of fleet replenishment of multipurpose ships for navigation in icy sea. It also should contribute to the development of shipbuilding industry to compete beyond the mass shipbuilding acting in China, Republic of Korea, Japan and in the number of European countries. Design of multipurpose ships to operate in icy sea in accordance with the concepts of systemic approach can be carried out at the levels of determining: design characteristics and design particulars.

The professional study is of the interest was done for the determination of hull particulars and structures of multifunctional icebreakers, including the design optimization of the hull shape meeting the performances of navigating in ice and propulsion (Egorov and Shtrambrandt, 2012). In addition, these authors draw the attention to the prospective nature of multifunctional icebreakers. To use of recommendations of them in determining of ship particulars, the characteristics of multifunctional icebreakers would be set as input: the displacement (or other characteristic of the overall size of ship) and the power of the main engine, which leads to the need to determine the characteristics of ship in accordance with the concepts of the systemic approach. Accordingly, for correct determination of design characteristics it requires the concept of the more general system, which would serve as the basis for defining of initial data and as the set of constraints required to determine design characteristics sought.

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