Tidal stream energy, one of the promising renewable energies, has attracted more and more attentions of coastal society in the past years, and one demonstration project for exploring the tidal stream energy with a total capacity exceeding 1 MW has recently launched in Zhoushan area, China. The waterway between Putuoshan Island and Hulu Island has been initially selected as the project site for deploying tidal stream turbines, and main concerns are about the energy assessment of tidal stream and the impact of fixed deployment of tidal stream turbines farm on local hydrodynamics. In this study, a two- dimensional shallow water model is applied to numerically reproduce the tidal hydrodynamics around the project site and to assess the energy of tidal stream. The numerical results are compared with the field measurements in terms of water surface elevation and stream velocity for the model validation. When 24 turbines installed for electricity production is fixed, this study investigates the impacts of tidal stream turbines, indicating that the turbines array has a large impact on the local hydrodynamics. The stream velocity is significantly reduced in the upstream and downstream of turbine array due to the power take- off, however it is slightly increased at two sides of turbine because of the space blockage by turbines. These preliminary results are valuable for determining the turbine deployment and assessing the impacts of the demonstration project on local hydrodynamics.


At present, the main source of the world's energy is the burning of fossil fuels. However, the non-renewable energy such as fossil fuels has been more and more challenged and questioned in the contemporary society. With the development of science and technology, the acquisition of renewable energy has become an important part of the human society in the new era. Tidal stream energy, one of the promising renewable and clean energies, has attracted more and more attentions of coastal society in the past years. Also tidal stream energy has large energy density compared with other Ocean energy.

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