To investigate the application of the hinged concrete slab mattress in coastal beaches which are susceptible to erosion, a series of laboratory tests, based on the cross-section structure in the north of Jiangsu Province, were implemented. This paper focused on the performances of the hinged concrete slab mattress in the estuary and coastal water where are dominated by the irregular waves, and contrasted to the conditions under the regular waves. A new equation was fitted from this experiment, and this equation, that puts the wave height and wave period into consideration, is more precise than previous equations which only considered the wave height. Thus, the wave period is as important as the wave height when determine the stable thickness. Likewise, under the same wave height and wave period, the minimum stable thickness of hinged concrete slab mattress under regular waves is smaller than that under irregular waves. Besides, the wave dissipating effect of the hinged mattress technic and groove block technic were compared when used to protect the erodible coasts.


In erodible coastal area, tradition rigid structures are widely used in slope protection. However, these structures may be destroyed when the foundation is poor and quarrying stone massively will cause resources waste. Recently, the hinged concrete slab mattress technic is widely used in inland or estuary slope protect engineering due to a better performance of integrality, anti-scouring and deformation than tradition rigid structure. As a new protecting slope technic, the structural style, production process and constitute materials of the hinged concrete slab mattress technic were specified (National Concrete Masonry Association, 2010; Sprague, CJ et al, 1992; Chen et al, 2000). The hinged concrete slab mattress technic was different from the tradition protecting slope, for a better performance in adapting with the transformation foundation and conducive to mechanized construction (Xu et al, 2004; Zhu, 2000). In the 1990s, the hinged concrete slab mattress technic was used in the Yangtze Estuary Deep-water Channel Project to ensure the stability of the foundation (Fan et al, 1998; Gu, 2004).

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