The hydrodynamic characteristics of propeller are investigated widely due to the great significance of ship propulsion performance. In this paper, the hydrodynamic performance of DTMB P4119 propeller with viscous flow is studied by the MRFSimpleFoam solver based on the open-source computation platform OpenFOAM. The open-water characteristics in different advance coefficient (J=0.5, 0.7, 0.833, 0.9) have been computed and compared with the experimental results which show good consistency. The pressure coefficient distribution at different cross sections is analyzed to show the forces of blade surface. The detailed wake flow field, such as the wake vortex structure and streamline around the blade, has also been analyzed to strengthen the perception and cognition about the hydrodynamic performance of this propeller. The results show that this solver provides an effective tool to simulate the hydrodynamic performance of propeller and analyze the detailed flow structure in viscous flow. It has prospect to study more complex flow phenomena and unconventional propeller.

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