Bays, harbors, estuaries, are very complicated targets of research from oceanological and physical points of view. Ambient conditions in the water areas of this type are not always favorable for conducting physical experiments. Devices for current measurements such as ADCP allow one to measure currents only at the installation point. They do not give a pattern on track or upon the whole water area whereas this information would be most interesting for practical applications. Moreover in the absence of volume scattering from suspended particulate matters these devices can provide erroneous results (Goncharov, 2012). Experimental studies and technical development in the field of applied hydroacoustics shows that the researches and measurements can be performed by acoustic methods and equipment. Results of experimental studies of possibilities of acoustic monitoring of currents in shallow water conditions of East/Japan Sea with the use of reciprocal sounding of marine medium by multiplex phase manipulated signals of M-sequences type performed by two near bottom stationary mounted transceivers are described in the work.

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