Development of transport and logistics infrastructure is one of the key factors of the economic growth and natural resources development in the regions of the Russian Arctic. Marine transport system and first of all the Northern Sea Route (NSR) are import parts of Arctic transport complex. The authors underline the growing role and the significance of the NSR. Arctic ports provide the life and activity of the population of the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation (AZRF), transfer coasting freights and foreign trade freights. The most important Russian Arctic ports and perspectives of their development are studied. The authors present the main directions of the transport and logistics development in Arctic basin according to the new Russian Port Infrastructure Development Strategy for 2030. Forecasts of port capacities which take into account prospective projects in the Russian Arctic regions are given. In Russia the share of the Arctic ports in transfer of freights by 2030 can attain 13%. The most perspective directions of development of coastal port infrastructure of the AZRF are shown. Modernization and development of the port and technical fleet including service and auxiliary vessels of different functions could provide effective work of sea transport on approaches to ports and in ports. Development of transport and logistics infrastructure in Russian Arctic basin could provide high level of cargo operations in the region, ecological safety and safety of marine navigation in Arctic.

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