The paper presents the proposed structural solutions and the applicable conditions of the wind turbine foundation available to offshore wind farm, and the approaches to perform the analysis of typical technical issues like the foundation structure, erosion to surrounding seabed, bearing capacity of pile foundation etc and corresponding handling measures for the offshore wind farm in China. The above outcomes are concluded through study on the construction environment conditions concerning the marine hydrology, meteorology, topography and geology; and the situation of force on structure of the wind turbine foundation for offshore wind farm in China. They are worth to recommend as a reference for the construction of the wind turbine foundation of offshore wind farm in the future.


Wind energy has caught the attention of various countries in the world. Wind power is a recycle and everlasting applicable energy from nature, characterized by its advantages such as huge storage, wide distribution, pollution free etc. With the elevated technologies for development and the cost drop of wind power generation, it has turned out to be one of power generation forms in the new energy field and compared with other forms it enjoys most favorable condition to develop on large scale and promote for commercial orientation. China has long coastal lines and is very rich in offshore wind energy resources. The space for power grid market and the power grid will then support the scale development of offshore wind power and make its prospects to grow abroad. The development of offshore wind power has been brought very much to the attention in China. Since 2007, pilot WTG units in the capacity of 1.5 MW, 2.0 MW, 2.5 MW, 3.0 MW, 3.6 MW and 5 MW have been built in Shanghai municipality, Jiangsu, and Fujian provinces etc.

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