The most reliable source of defining water resistance to the vessel's motion is testing models in a testing tank. In this case, a number of features associated with the realization of similarity streams coefficients and a small measured section are arisen in small test tanks. The Far East testing tank in KnASTU belongs to the category of a small one. It includes two towing systems with measure complexes, wave-maker, lifting bottom which simulating shallow water, model and bench areas. The problems associated with large-scale effect because of the limited length of the model up to 4 meters, turbulence of boundary layer and control of rate flow are under review. Methods related to exception of the instability of the test results (smoothing procedure) and the approximation of the results are proposed. Procedures of predicting the velocity of uniform motion of high-speed models are developed in the case when section of the uniform motion is absent. The method of receiving the accompanying test results - the definition of the apparent mass of water is pointed out. All this allows extending the small testing tank facilities.


The testing tank in Komsomolsk-na-Amure State Technical University is an educational and scientific experimental complex. The testing tank belongs to the category of a small tank because its metal basin has dimensions L × B × H = 40 × 4 × 3 m and dock part has dimensions L × B × H = 4,5 × 1,6 × 3 m. Towing models in the tank can be carried out by two independent drives - towing carriage and gravitational towing system (GTS). At the end of the tank plate wave maker is installed, providing a sea-way of a given intensity with opposite direction according to the motion of model.

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