This study presents the characteristics radar image of ship generated ship wave. The Kelvin wave generated by Wigley Hull was investigated. The image of the generated ship wave image was simulated by radar image simulation scheme. The analyzed radar image was compared with the image obtained from the real radar image. It was found that the frequency distribution of energy in the wave number domain due to ship wave is different from that of wave images. However, the energy due to ship wave may influence the estimated value of the SNR (signal to noise ratio) which is very important factor in the wave monitoring.


When it comes to the wave monitoring ship waves can be detected quite often. The major wave number due to ship wave does not coincide with that of wind waves. However, the energy due to ship wave may influence the estimation of SNR. If the energy due to ship wave are included in the estimation of SNR then the estimation of wave infromation may be wrong. To avoid this, we need to extract the wave energy due to ship wave so that we can come up with right wind wave statistics. Many researchers investigated the ship wave effect by numerical simulation (Noblesse, 1977;1978; Tuck et.al., 2000). However, they did not worked on the real sea data. The present study included the real sea data when the wave due to ship's presence. The ship wave due to Wigley hull was generated. The radar image simulation scheme was applied on ship wave. Directional wave spectrum was obtained to figure out the characteristics of the ship wave. The radar images obtained from the field were analyzed. Two locations were selected depending on the presence of ship waves. The wave components due to ship wave were clearly decoupled.

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