In the report the experimental results received at registration of tsunamigenic and not tsunamigenic earthquakes with the help of 52,5- meter laser strainmeter are discussed. At processing records of laser strainmeter, containing tsunamigenic earthquakes, it is revealed, that after the beginning of earthquake there is a deformation anomaly of the big size. The size of deformation anomaly registered by laser strainmeter is connected to size of mixture of a bottom in an epicenter of earthquake. The given displacement also results in formation of a tsunami. The deformation anomaly registered by our laser strainmeter after Indian earthquake on December, 26, 2004, has made 59 mm, that almost in 10 times more of size of high tide in a zone of an arrangement of installation.


The wave of a tsunami which was formed as a result of action of earthquake on December, 26, 2004, has carried away lives more than 280000 people [Site of geophysical service]. After that terrible event the wave of opinions has risen about necessity of carrying out the monitoring observations in various areas of the globe, creation of a network of geophysical seismoobservatories and the sea stations equipped with broadband seismographs, tide-gauges, level gauges and other corresponding equipment. No doubt it is impossible to leave the monitoring observations in such condition. It is necessary to send great strengths and means for scientific researches on studying the nature of occurrence of various catastrophic events, development of a network monitoring points of observation, creation of essentially new technologies and hardware complexes. The issue remains open, on what way to go? The various research groups of scientists using seismographs, try to find out indirect geodynamic foreshocks and on them to predict power, time and a place of occurrence of earthquakes.

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