In the given work the method of synthesis of the control law of vectored thruster AUV movement is offered. This control law allowing to provide its exact moving on the desirable trajectory in the conditions of limited capacity of its thruster complex. The given control system considers not only dynamic error, but also a deviation from the desirable trajectory, and desirable laws of trajectory movement. Besides, in work the algorithm of transformation of parameters of movement on a desirable trajectory is offered. This algorithm allows to consider indirectly capacity restrictions thruster complex and to change desirable movement parameters on a trajectory.


Recently at performance of various underwater works (inspection of underwater communications, search and rescue works, etc.) the increasing value gets use of autonomous underwater vehicles (AUV). And in the course of performance of these works AUV should carry out difficult maneuvers, moving on the set spatial trajectory with the maximum velocity and accuracy. Use only one rotary thruster allows to provide the big autonomy of work, high velocity of movement at the expense of the streamline form of the case, and also high maneuverability on low speeds. However along with the specified essential advantages thruster complex of these AUV does not allow to form independently an thrusts and the moments on various degrees of freedom of AUV. The specified circumstance can lead to that at the high speed of movement on the desirable trajectory this AUV can deviate from this trajectory, because the part of power of the single thruster will be spent for creation of the moments of turn. The described problem can be solved at the expense of use of a special control system which would trace the given situation and corrected movement parameters on a trajectory.

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