A three-dimensional NumErical Wave TANK (NEWTANK) has been developed to study fluid sloshing in a container with six degrees of freedom (D.O.F.) of motion. The model solves the incompressible Navier-Stokes equations for the two-phase flow field. In order to track the highly distorted interface between water and air, the volume-offluid (VOF) method is adopted. Several case studies have been conducted to verify the model accuracy. The verified model is then used to study the 3-D fluid sloshing in a container with 6 D.O.F. of motion.


Fluid sloshing phenomenon is of great theoretical and practical importance in offshore engineering applications with regard to the safety of transportation systems, such as the sloshing of liquid cargo in ocean-going vessels. Under certain motions, the liquid inside partially filled tanks is prone to violent oscillations and the large movement can create large localized impact pressure on the container walls and ceilings, which may cause severe structural damage and affect the stability of the ships. Sloshing waves in a rectangular tank have been intensively studied in the last a few decades, theoretically (Faltinsen, 1974; Hill, 2003), experimentally (Verhagen and Wijingaarden, 1965; Akyildiz and Unal, 2005) and numerically (Faltinsen, 1978; Kim, 2001; Frandsen, 2004). Faltinsen (1978) employed the boundary integral technique to solve the potential flow and compare the numerical results with the linear analytical solution. Frandsen (2004) conducted a series of numerical experiment in a 2-D tank which is moved both horizontally and vertically. Kim (2001) solved the three-dimensional Navier-Stokes equations by adopting the SOLA scheme, assuming the free surface profile is a single-valued function, to estimated impact load. In this study, we shall handle the sloshing waves as a two-phase problem and solve the original Navier-Stokes equations. Many different interface tracking methods have been developed.

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