This paper outlines Cheng-Dao field development mode and peculiarity, and addresses some issues to be noticed in design and management. It describes some methods detecting for outer pipeline and inner pipeline about submarine pipeline. The examples are acoustic wave method and ROV method, MFL technology and ultrasound technology. In addition, some repairing methods in this oil field for submarine pipeline are introduced.


Shengli Cheng-Dao Oilfield is the first shallow offshore oilfield developing in China. It is located at the shallow offshore area in southern part of Bohai Sea. The semi-offshore mode is applied to development and gathering system. Main development facilities include satellite platforms, center platforms, submarine pipeline and onshore treatment stations. The submarine pipeline plays an important role in offshore oil development, because whole transit system connecting depends on it. If it fail, the production have to be turned down. Cheng-Dao Oilfield possesses a geography with special environment condition and "roll-up" development mode is adopted year by year, so design and management are difficult. Many problems need to be resolved.

Planning design and direction of submarine pipeline

The "roll-up" development mode has the advantages of low investment and high efficiency, and it is very fast to establish scale production. At present there is a problem, that is, it is difficult to predict further productivity. According to the requirements of the criteria, a submarine pipeline should keep some distance with other pipeline and cable. We cannot be sure of the oil-bearing structure in developing prophase; therefore, it is difficult to make an overall plan for offshore production facilities. Furthermore, it cannot be avoided that pipeline crosses another pipeline or cable when oil field is developed. Meanwhile, since ocean oil engineering is systematic, each step of production is affected together.

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