Carrying-out of marine engineering operations at the depths, inaccessible for people, requires the creation of effective production technological equipment. The paper presents the methods and results of design exploration of influence of some constructional parameters of "underwater vehicle-communication cable" system on power consumption of tethered underwater vehicle. This takes into account the hydrodynamic resistance of cable and is based on optimal selection of propulsion system components as well as the type and design of power set.


Development of ocean resources requires the creation of technique, which ensures possibility of carrying out technical, life-saving, scientific-research and other works in extreme conditions. Necessity of using unmanned underwater vehicles, controlled through the cable from surface ships, is determined by their major positive properties: continuity of functioning (motion, observation of the objects, performance of technical operations) and safety for human life. A great number and variety of appearing tasks compel to specialize vehicles, classifying them in two large groups: sailing and moving tightly to seabed. Design engineering principles of designing an underwater vehicle and its propulsor set are determined by purposes, operating conditions, technical solutions, underlying of functionality of a vehicle. A certain interest is in tethered sailing vehicles, which must perform fast and precise displacements near an object and sometimes overcome strong underwater currents. Limitation of energy resources for moving and at the same time the necessity of having sufficient rates in desired dimensions compel us to search for optimal parameters of propellers, on one side, consuming minimum of energy, and on the other side, - compact arrangement of vehicle components. It is desirable to have the smallest areas of basic sections, the best streamlining in coordinate planes and such configuration of vehicle components, which provides crossing of driving forces and resistance forces in its center of mass.

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