The theoretical analysis and the statement of problem of optimization of a spatial orientation of the subsea pipeline route taking into account the magnitude of its burial depth and a bottom configuration on the basis of probabilistic approach from the point of view of a mathematical reliability theory was carried out. Elements of a probabilistic simulation model of impact of drifting hummocks on a sea bottom and subsea pipelines are developed. Probabilistic characteristics of hummocks parameters and bottom configuration are obtained on a basis of specially developed algorithm and realized computer program with usage of the observation data of an ice regime parameters and geomorphology of sea bottom. The estimation of spatial orientation of the subsea pipeline route at Piltun-Astokhskoe oil-and-gas deposit located in the north-east area of Sakhalin offshore was made.


Development of oil-and-gas resources offshore in the freezing seas is largely complicated because of the presence of an ice cover which influences special engineering structures (offshore platforms, artificial islands, the subsea line structures, drilling ships, engineering nets and communication lines, etc.). In this connection the problem of comprehensive study of ice impacts and development of calculation methods of ice loads on offshore structures remains actual more than one decade. As a rule, the pipeline transport is the most profitable mode of transport of oil and gas in development of sea deposits, including in the freezing seas (Mazurin, 1990). Trouble-free operation of the subsea pipeline significantly depends on the account of factors of environmental influence on projecting stages. The development of a pipeline network in the arctic regions leads to the growth of probability of a failure of pipelines by drifting hummocks and icebergs which are extreme ice formations and present the basic and greatest hazard to the subsea line structure.

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