A choice of engineering for mounting and disassembling work is discussed for update of the "Orlan" drilling platform for Sakhalin offshore. A common concept of mounting and dismantling work on the high hanging down constructions of the deck (that are characteristic for all drilling outfits) is considered. Main task is to provide section cuttings without cranes but with the use of special technological reinforcements. Forming principles of technological support for bulky hanging down constructions at their disassembly and installation are examined. The problems of the structural strength for this process are solved.


The "Orlan" platform was exploited in the Beaufort Sea as an installation for prospecting drilling. Now it is being remodeled into a drilling platform for operation in the field of Chaivo under the "Sakhalin 1" project. Remodeling a platform out of a mobile arctic system for prospecting drilling into the "Orlan" stationary drilling platform for operation on the shelf of the island of Sakhalin has demanded special design updating, which has been made according to Rules of Russian Maritime Register (Russian Maritime Register of Shipping, 2002). One of the purposes of updating was to reduce the loads from wave slamming on overhangs of deck barges during operation of the platform on the shelf of Sakhalin. It demanded special technique. Deformations and strength of the "open" side structures were estimated to corroborate opportunity and safety of the updating work. A concept of safe process engineering of disassembling and installing barges sections using special technological supports was developed by a group of authors. The main idea was to cut the sections to be disassembled and to prepare the new ones without cranes. Description of process engineering of the work and special technological supports is the main part of this paper.

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