The main issue of this work is the development of approaches to and performance of calculations required for validation of the construction of conjugation of the gravity platforms with the soil foundation on the Sakhalin shelf. With this purpose in view we analyzed the geological conditions of the sites, the nature of the loads, impacts and their combinations acting on the structures as well as calculations and assessment of stability (bearing capacity) of the system platform - soil foundation necessary for substantiation of the design solution from the position of the requirements of the Russian and foreign norms and the Russian practice of designing hydraulic engineering structures.


In designing stationary oil-gas producing platforms on the continental shelf a plenty of questions can be raised: the unique nature of the project, complexity of climatic conditions in the area of the prospective construction, partial insufficiency of the acting normative documents as well as by the availability of the methodically distinct approaches and even certain divergences between design statements of different specifications.


The engineering-geological researches should provide complex study and assessment of the engineering-geological conditions of the site of the projected construction and forecast of their change in the process of the field operation. On the basis of the obtained data a surveying organization carries out the assessment of inhomogeneity of the soil mass, classification of foundation soils and their preliminary division into engineeringgeological elements accounting for the origin of soils, their types, textured-structural features, parameters of composition, state, and properties. For classification of soils the characteristic values are used, for solving the design tasks the design values, as a rule, are applied. On the basis of statistical processing of the results of laboratory researches the final allocation of engineering-geological elements is carried out.

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