Undersea technology has become "key technology" for the development and exploration of ocean science and technology. In this paper, we are introducing recent important of the undersea technology problems in Taiwan including problem of Penghu underwater archeology and problem of bathymetric survey in coastal sea area and set-up undersea state database, which are supported by government agencies. The discovery of the ancient shipwreck, Chiang-Chun 1st, and the antiques loaded is of important historical significance. And the undersea technology planning by Ocean Engineering Program (OEP) of National Science Council (NSC) is also described.


Taiwan is located on the center of Middle West Pacific Ocean, and the Taiwan Strait is between Taiwan and Mainland China. Therefore, in this ocean environments that how to promote the development and utilization of marine resources and ocean space exploration, how to forward the ocean and preservation become very important for national economic development and social welfare. Since the establishment of CUTA (Chinese Undersea Technology Association) in 1991, based on the 11th Board Meeting of the Premier's Advisors for Science & Technology reached a conclusion to include marine technology as one of the major area for development, and undersea technology is essential to support research on oceanography, ocean engineering construction and ocean exploration, several promote the development of marine science and technology have been done by government agencies supporting to engage in the related undersea technology master planning and development in Taiwan. In this paper, we are introducing two important of related undersea technology problems, and the master plan of undersea technology in Taiwan.


Since ancient times Penghu has been known as the gateway between Mainland China and the Southeast Asia. Owing to the rough sea status and densely spread reefs around Penghu, there had been sunken ships reported.

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