A total of 158 nodule samples taken from the eastern nodule-bearing arta of the Clarion/Clipperton Fracture Zone (CCZ) within the Interoceanmetal (IOM) pioneer investor claim been analyzed to determinate of major and minor metal elements and the rare earth elements (La, Ce, Nd, Sm, Eu, Yb, Lu, Y) in respect to characterize their geochemical background. The polymetallic nodules (PNs) of the survey area were grouped into three genetic types - Hs, HD, and Dr. REE content In polymetallic nodules showed a positive Ce anomaly and is discussed with respect to distribution of the elements and their relation to mineral phases and show a linear dependance on the Fe content which are incorporated in the Fe/Mn oxide enriched phase. The data set has been statisticaly evaluated and compared with analogic sample assays from other nodule fields of the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific Oceans.


Deep-sea mineral resources are important source of many valuable metals, and they have been attracting scientific and commercial interests of industrialized countries. Exploration efforts have improved our knowledge background and brought a lot of new aspects in geochemical, mineralogical and morphological characteristics and also the origin and distribution results (Calvert, 1978, Halbach et aI., 1988, von Stacklberg, Biersdorf, 1991, Sharma, 1993, Pattan et al., 1994, Kunzendorf" and Glasby, 1994,1995, Ywuazaki et ai., 1995, Usui, lizasa, 1995, Okamoto and Matsura, 1995, Gromoll, 19%, Kotlinski, 1992,1996). Although the polymetallic nodules occur in many places of the world ocean, only part of them can be regarded as potential deposits for future commercial mining activities. The most promissing economical resources of the polymetallic nodules occurences are situated in the northeastern Pacific" s subequatorial part - Clarion/Clipperton Fracture Zone (CCZ), Peru Basin, and the central part of the Indian ocean (Amann, 1992; Kotlinski 1995).

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