This paper proposes a new efficient system design strategies for the acoustic-based underwater multiple modem and media access control protocol. The system aims to establish the acoustic-based communication network of an underwater vehicles for deep sea mining, which ensures a certain level of maximum throughput regardless of the propagation delay of acoustic and allows fast data transmission through the acoustic-based multiple channel. A media access control protocol for integrated communication network and its acoustic-based communication modems that allows " peer to peer" communication between a surface mining plant and multiple underwater system is designed, and the proposed media access control protocol is implemented for its verification.


Recently due to the increasing interests in deep sea mining, all possible efforts to development of underwater unmanned vehicle such as AUV(Autonomous Underwater Vehicle) or underwater robots are exerted. The underwater systems are autonomously navigated by using the acoustic-based digital communication system which receives the multiple control system from surface ship and sends the underwater information to surface ship or plants. Furthermore, a new strategies which make it possible to control the multiple vehicle for underwater duty working by the surface plants have been attempted. For an approach to implementation of the system, it is inevitable to establish acoustic-based underwater digital communication network to exchange the information between a surface plants and multiple vehicle in underwater. This paper proposes the design strategies of the high-bit rate underwater acoustic-based digital data telemetry links which include the subsystems such as transducer with pre-amplifier, modulation/demodulation, encoding/decoding system, and also proposes the new media access control protocol for underwater vehicles network. The basic schemes of underwater digital communication network are similar to existing wired/wireless local area network in a view of communication distance and broadcasting media.

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